Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy



Thomas is a world authority in consumer neuroscience. His work has helped a wide range of global brands to engage customers using cutting-edge methods, and gain deep insights about their audience. Having previously collaborated with Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen University Hospital he was instrumental in the establishment of Centre for Decision Neuroscience. He subsequently founded Neurons Inc, a firm dedicated to delivering world class studies for commercial clients as well as advancing research in neuromarketing and related fields. With offices in Europe, Americas and Asia, today, Thomas and his team deliver results for brands such as Facebook, Ericsson, Coca-Cola, Tesco, IKEA and Capital One.


In spite of the aggressive growth of Neurons Inc and his position as CEO, Thomas remains one of the most influential scholars and practitioners within the discipline of applied neuroscience and related subjects, sitting on the boards of several esteemed scientific journals. He continues to publish in peer-reviewed journals, run workshops and seminars, communicate through the media, and – most significantly -  improve the field of neuroscience.






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