Parjam Davoody



Parjam brings over 15 years of experience in marketing and communication strategy. He has advised many leading firms on issues related to online marketing, product development and business intelligence.


Having previously worked as a growth engineer at various Silicon Valley start-ups, Parjam moved to Iran in 2015 where he quickly gained a reputation as a marketing guru. He was CMO at Sheypoor where he oversaw multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, helping the brand to grow rapidly and become one of the country’s premier online companies. Before that, he advised Alibaba, Iran’s leading flight and railway ticket e-commerce and helped them to gain an industry No.1 position in less than a year of operation.


Parjam is also widely regarded as one of the pioneers of gamification in Iran and has helped an array of leading companies to increase employee motivation and engagement, obtaining better market performance as a result.







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