Chiara Nocco



Chiara orchestrates resources and tools to provide seamless processes for businesses. She works across a wide range of industries and creates customer-centric solutions that enable businesses to grow faster and maintain customer loyalty.


A true polyglot, Chiara has worked on many multi-national projects around the world. She was Business Tools and Process Consultant at Deloitte in Argentina working with clients including McDonald’s, Cargill and Sherwin-Williams. At Modis Consultancy in France she worked with the French biotech multinational giant, bioMérieux. She was also responsible for e-commerce projects with rollout responsibility in the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Sweden.


Chiara is a co-founder of the French consulting firm Aperience, specialising in service design and transversal project management. She is also active as facilitator and accelerator for co-creation in multi-entity projects across a diverse range of sectors.








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